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Come on in and dangle your toes in the water, or smell the wild flowers!

All these images were created with a wonderful program called Terragen.   These images were done while  still new to the program, so I have put them in chronological order, the ones at the bottom are more recent, and technically better than my first efforts. I hope you enjoy! Pam

lake lakedawn


The Day the Dam Broke foggy
Lake Golden Lake Dawn in
Mountain City
The Day the
Dam Broke
A Chilling Fog
lndscp2 lndscp1 lndscp3 field of flowers night_lake
Landscape #1 Landscape #2 landscape #3 Early Summer Moon Lit
Long Beach at night counting_stars.jpg (5132 bytes) Virginia Red Clay! A Frenchman in the Tropics Painted Lagoon
Beach Counting Stars Virginia Red
in the Tropics
Painted Lagoon
Three Big Nudes, as Seen From Space bluff2tn.jpg (2461 bytes) bluff3tn.jpg (4479 bytes) big_fish_tn_jpg.jpg (3357 bytes) mo_riverTN.jpg (3505 bytes)
Three Big Nudes
as Seen from Space
Baroque Sky Baroque Sky_II There are Some
Big Fish in There
Over Looking The Missouri

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